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This page contains team selections, results, and reports of Inter-District Competitions and Challenges, including Over 60s.

Report on Metropolitan Challenge 2017

The event comprised district teams from Brisbane, Brisbane North, Caboolture & Cunningham.  Each side consisted of 4 teams of 4 players. Games to be played over 18 ends with a minimum of 50 ends constituting a game.

The draw had Cunningham competing against Caboolture first followed by Brisbane North & finally Brisbane District.

Caboolture Game - Cunningham had a 22 shot win 66 - 44.  This game was completed without weather disruption.

Brisbane North -  Cunningham had a 1 shot win 61 - 60.  One rink had completed all 18 ends when time was called.  Two others were playing their final end and one rink their 17th end when all players were called from the green due to lightning.  As time had elapsed there was no return to the match and Cunningham prevailed by 1 shot.

Brisbane Game - Both Districts were two game winners before the commencement of the match with Brisbane holding a 49 shot margin and Cunningham 23.  The Cunningham side started strongly and were never headed while playing in rain of varying intensity.  56 ends had been completed when lightning again forced the officials to call players from the green. Given the intensity of the rain and the continuation of lightning the match was called off with the results to stand as the minimum 50 ends had been completed.  Final scores Cunningham 60 - Brisbane 44

Cunningham will hold the Metropolitan Shield for 2017

Cunningham Teams
District Match Results
Brisbane North
Cohen Litfin
18 - 12
11 - 19
14 - 7
Alan Dagley
Bryce Litfin
Steve Blessley

Steve Bell
12 - 12
15 - 13
16 - 12
Bill Mitilinios
Shawn Toomey
Steve Blessley

Greg Robbie
14 - 8
14 - 16
17 - 7
Mitchel Mears
Chris Scott
Gary Groeger

Kevin Higson
22 - 12
21 - 12
13 - 18
Kevin Mallory
Steve Blake
Chris Mudd
2017 Poinsettia Cup
K Higson
K Mallory
A Wilson
P Ellul
C Litfin
A Dagley
B Litfin
S Blessney
G Hooper
B Mitilinios
S Toomey
L Litfin
G Robbie
H Geobels
M Mears (Algester)
G Groeger
Poinsettia Cup:

Teams selected.
SKIP           THIRD            SECOND        LEA D
K Higson    K Mallory         G Robinson     J Crockett
G Hooper    T Lloyd           Z Adams          S Blessley
S Bell          B Litfin            D Caruana       L Litfin
G Robbie    M Bretherton    A Wilson        G Groeger
C Litfin        S Toomey        S Blake           H Goebel
J Cross      B Mitilinios        M Mears           C Mudd   
Downs Challenge:

Teams selected.
The teams confirmed for the State District Titles are :

Kevin Higson        Cohen Litfin          Graeme Hooper         Jay Cross
Kev Mallory           Greg Robbie        Steven Bell                 Bill Mitilinios
Shawn Toomey     Mick Bretherton   Mitch Mears               Bryce Litfin
Peter Ellul              Hilary Goebel       Logan Litfin                Steve Blessley

Reserves :   Graham Lewis         Barry Ward

Manager      Barry Cooke

2017 District Sides:

Congratulations to the Men's Cunningham side for their result in the recent State District Sides

Men's Winner - CUNNINGHAM (skips Kevin Higson, Cohen Litfin, Graeme Hooper, Jay Cross)
Players selected for the District Over 60's side to compete in the Inter-district Challenge at Hamilton Bowls Club, 7 June (Skips listed first)

G Hooper,  K Taylor,  D Currie,  D Morgan.
K Higson, A Rigney, D Mathieson, G.Lebeter
P Williams, G Lewis, J Bentley, G Farley.
G.Robbie, G Ayre, A Brockie, K Howard.

2017 Quad Series

Arm Bowlers
Ken Howard
John Amos
Rine DeKleyn
Andrew Orr

Over 60s
Barry Ward
Paul Williams
Allan Rigney
Graham Lewis

Jay Cross
Mick Bretherton
Todd Lloyd
Andrew Wilson

Cohen Liftin
Alan Dagley
Shawn Toomey
Zac Adams

Bill Mitilinios
Kevin Mallory
Logan Litfin
Mark Kramer

Graeme Hooper
Kerry Taylor
Bryce Litfin
Steve Blessley
2017 Quad Series:

to be held at Beaudesert Bowls Club on Sunday 6 August.

Teams selected: