District Representation

Cunningham District has a proud record in Inter District Competition. All CDBA Members are urged to put their name forward for selection consideration.

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The two District squads for Poinsettia Cup at Wynnum 7 March (Men) and Gateway Challenge 7 March at Victoria Point (Ladies) have been announced.

Teams are:

Poinsettia Cup – Wynnum BC – 7 March 2021

Cohen Litfin (Jindalee)  Peter Ward (Jindalee) Anthony Neven (Jindalee) Jason Crockett (Jindalee)

Graeme Hooper (Swifts) Dennis Caruana (Swifts) Steve Blake (Algester) Greg Robbie (Salisbury)

Trevor Broadbent (United) Bryce Litfin (Jindalee) Phil Elder (Darra) Steve Blessley (Swifts)

Brent Marshall (Swifts) Zac Adams (Swifts) Shawn Toomey (Algester) Dave Lockley (Darra)


Gateway Challenge 7 March 2021 at Victoria Point BC

F Craig (Alg), A Carlish (Alg), S Gollan (Alg), T Smedley (Alg)

K Jackson (Darra), M Caletti (Alg), D Turner (Yer), L Parry (Sal),

D Brindle (Darra), V Cameron (Nth Ips), D Farley (Darra), C Pitts (Alg)

D Gilbert (Darra), D Cross (Yer), L Behnke (Darra), L Brack (Alg)

H Bailey (Alg), J Lockley (Darra), M Eno (Sal), J Wainwright (Darra)

K Dynmycz (Darra), E Riding-Hill (Alg), K Smith (Yer), M Davidson (Darra)

Reserves for first game.

J.Hikuroa (Alg),   T. Gillis (Darra),  D. McLean (Alg),   L. Greer (Darra) T Davis (Alg)

Manager G Lewis

Selectors  M Lipp, J Monsen and J Ezzy