CDBA Calendar:

CDBA related events will be entered on an online calendar for quick reference.  The calendar may be viewed either in week or month view, or for simplicity may be viewed in list (schedule/agenda) format.  Items that refer to District and BA events will have links provided that will take you directly to the relevant Bowls Link site.

To use the calendar, click on an entry to see further details, including description and any necessary links.


Desktop Users – Scroll down for calendar…………

Mobile Device Users – Click this Link for Mobile View

Important Information, especially for Mobile Devices:

Mobile Phone View:

For best results when using a mobile device, access the calendar via the link above.

  • To view in full screen, click the icon hovering over Agenda as in the example below.

to expand mobile view

  • General Use: 

    • You can personalize your view by clicking the drop down next to Agenda and unticking events that are of no interest
    •  If you have your own Google Account, you can click on the +Google Calendar link to add any of the calendars in the list to your own private calendar.
    •  District Men; District Ladies; District Open; District Mixed; Inter District; and State/National Events are colour coded  for ease of reference.


                      District Full Year Calendar 2024 Calendar 2024

                      Bowls Queensland Calendar 2024-2024 – BQ Calendar of Events – rev March 18