CDBA’s new site


The BowlsLink project involves a partnership between the sport’s national governing body and participating State and Territory Associations to develop a tailor-made IT system for all levels of the sport, inclusive of a modern competition management system, a centralised connected membership database system, and new and improved websites.

A core element of BowlsLink is a new competition management system designed from the ground-up and tailored to the sport’s unique needs, which, in a first for the sport, will be connected and communicate to the new database system and website platforms.

Bowls Queensland has elected not to participate in BowlsLink; however Cunningham District see a benefit and has negotiated with Bowls Australia for use of the system.

Our District program was severely disrupted by Covid19; however the limited program we were able to run was managed through the BowlsLink Competition Management System.

The next stage of our BowlsLink roll out involves Web Sites and Membership Database.

We are proud to publish our new look BowlsLink Web Site – We will be talking to all our Clubs about establishing this style of web site and the Membership Database.