Policies and Documents

Mission Statement:

To work with the members of the Cunningham District Bowls Association to help make lawn bowls a viable, all-inclusive sport available to all levels of playing competencies within the District.

CDBA Constitution

  • Outlines the Purpose and Powers of Cunningham District Bowls Association
  • Lists all of the rules of operation
  • Sets out the members’ rights and responsibilities
  • Describes Governance, Meeting Procedure, and Management Committee positions


Strategic Plan

The CDBA Strategic Plan directly aligns with the Bowls Australia and Bowls Queensland Strategic Plans. Through this alignment the CDBA will have the opportunity to participate and implement key National and State-wide initiatives in-line with the best interests of the Sport and within Cunningham District. Additionally, by implementing a Strategic Plan the CDBA will have additional opportunities to apply for funding through Government grants and Commercial and Corporate grants.

To read the Strategic Plan, click this link:  CDBA STRATEGIC PLAN