Umpire Information:

Application/Re-accreditation Forms:

Umpire Re-accreditation Form

Measurer Re-accreditation Form

Umpire Marker Measurer Application Form

Umpiring Courses 2022;
These will be held in February, May, August and November at
Darra Cementco Bowls Club
Click here for list of Umpiring Courses
Download the appropriate from from the links on this page and submit directly to Bowls Qld as per the instructions on each form

Coaching Information:

Bowls Queensland offers courses for Introductory Coaches and Club Coaches.

The Introductory Coaches course prepares participants to:

  • Assess and manage the risks of coaching at an introductory level
  • Utilise a range of communication techniques
  • Plan and safely conduct a training session, ensuring fun and maximum participation through games and activities
  • Adapt activities to meet player abilities

The Club Coach course covers the following areas:

  • Conduct a coaching session to teach skills and tactics
  • Identify appropriate delivery options to place bowl smoothly on running surface
  • Identify appropriate drills for shot development
  • Apply technique analysis to provide appropriate feedback
  • Identify the correlation between line and weight and the impact of environmental conditions
  • Implement inclusive activities for the coaching of bowls
  • Identify physical growth and development considerations
  • Identify the specific responsibilities of lead, second, third and skip
  • Assist athletes with basic nutritional strategies for sports performance
  • Demonstrate effective communication strategies
Coaching Training Manual:
  • Training Manual  (a valuable training guide for all bowlers especially prepared for CDBA)