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Umpire Re-accreditation Form

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Umpiring Courses 2021;
These will be held in February, May, August and November at
Wellers Hill, Algester, Darra Cementco, and Salisbury
MAY course at Algester Sports Club – Applications now open and close April 29 REGISTER HERE


Coaching Information:


Bowls Queensland offers courses for Introductory Coaches and Club Coaches.

The Introductory Coaches course prepares participants to:

  • Assess and manage the risks of coaching at an introductory level
  • Utilise a range of communication techniques
  • Plan and safely conduct a training session, ensuring fun and maximum participation through games and activities
  • Adapt activities to meet player abilities

The Club Coach course covers the following areas:

  • Conduct a coaching session to teach skills and tactics
  • Identify appropriate delivery options to place bowl smoothly on running surface
  • Identify appropriate drills for shot development
  • Apply technique analysis to provide appropriate feedback
  • Identify the correlation between line and weight and the impact of environmental conditions
  • Implement inclusive activities for the coaching of bowls
  • Identify physical growth and development considerations
  • Identify the specific responsibilities of lead, second, third and skip
  • Assist athletes with basic nutritional strategies for sports performance
  • Demonstrate effective communication strategies
Coaching Training Manual:
  • Training Manual  (a valuable training guide for all bowlers especially prepared for CDBA)